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2020 Unorthodox

2020 Unorthodox

Blend Composition: 43% Graciano, 34% Grenache, 17% Carignan, 6% Syrah 

Appearance: In the glass, this Paso Robles 2020 Red Blend exhibits a deep ruby hue with garnet reflections at the edges. Its moderate viscosity suggests a wine of substantial weight and character.

Nose: The aromas are immediately captivating, offering an intriguing fusion of ripe red and black fruits. Notes of sun-ripened raspberry, black cherry, and plum intermingle with nuances of wild berries. A subtle floral undertone, reminiscent of violets, adds an elegant layer to the aromatic profile. Delicate hints of baking spices, like cinnamon and a touch of clove, provide a warm and inviting complexity. As the wine breathes, a faint herbal quality emerges, contributing an earthy dimension.

Palate: On the palate, this blend showcases a harmonious integration of its varietal components. Graciano contributes a vibrant acidity that lifts the fruit flavors and imparts a lively freshness. The Grenache adds a supple and juicy character, showcasing flavors of red berries and a hint of cranberry tanginess. Carignan lends its distinctive black fruit notes, contributing depth and structure with a touch of rustic charm. The Syrah brings a subtle richness, introducing dark plum and blackcurrant tones, while also lending a velvety texture to the mouthfeel.

Mid Palate to Finish: As the wine glides across the mid palate, the different varietal layers unfold gracefully. The fruit spectrum broadens, revealing layers of red currants, blackberries, and a touch of blueberry compote. Tannins are well-integrated, providing a silky framework that supports the flavors without overpowering them. The finish is medium to long, leaving a lingering impression of mixed berry preserves and a gentle touch of cracked black pepper.

Overall, the Paso Robles 2020 Red Blend showcases a balanced and intriguing fusion of grapes, each contributing its unique characteristics to create a wine of depth and complexity. This blend is an embodiment of the Paso Robles terroir, capturing the essence of the 2020 vintage in a bottle that promises enjoyment now and potential for further development with additional aging.


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October 2020
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